Anna’s 101 Things in 1001 Days


TALLY: 021/101
Monday 5th January 2009 – Sunday 2nd October 2011
I aim to post about the reasons for each of my goals and my progress towards achieving them.

Red Number: link to reasons/progress/more info
Normal text: item not accomplished
Italic bold text: item in progress
Strike-through bold text: item accomplished


001) Take a photo to commemorate each of my 101 things (002/101)

002) Travel outside of Europe
003) Visit Ireland
004) Visit Scotland (06/03/09)
005) Visit Paris again
006) Travel five times to meet different friends (2/5)

007) Write a complete first draft for Script Frenzy
008) Write a complete first draft for Nanowrimo
009) Complete 101 pieces of short fiction and/or vignettes (002/101)
010) Do Poster Poems every week for a month (0/4)
011) Turn a bit of family history/memory into fiction
012) Journal every day for a month (15th May – 15th June 2009)
013) Take part in a writing festival
014) Submit a piece of writing for publication
015) Leave a couple of lines of poetry lying around in public every day for a week (6/7)
016) Put together my writing database

017) Take part in a 10KM race
018) Run a 5K non-stop (31/05/09)
019) Do 101 sixty-second sprints at 13KPH (over time!) (005/101)
020) Do 101 ab leans every day for a week (0/7)
021) Do high-intensity exercise three times a week for five weeks in a row (0/5)
022) Eat only raw food for the day
023) Go completely vegan for a week
024) Go a week without caffeine
025) Go to bed before midnight every night for a week (0/7)
026) Get up before 8am every day for a week (0/7)

027) Try rock climbing
028) Try a Yoga class
029) Try a dance class
030) Try Tai Chi
031) Try horse-riding

032) Swim in a pool
033) Swim in the sea
034) Go on a long hike somewhere (Sep 2009)
035) Go ice-skating
036) Ride a bike
037) Climb a mountain

038) Ride in a hot air balloon
039) Skydive
040) Ride a roller-coaster

041) Complete all seven ECDL modules (1/7)
042) Learn to drive
043) Organise all financial documents into new folder (July 2009)
044) Clear out and organise desk (July 2009)
045) Sell something on EBay
046) Clear out and organise wardrobes (July 2009)

047) Go a week without wearing any make-up
048) Go twenty-four hours without phone, computer and television
049) Post something to Post Secret

050) Give blood
051) Volunteer for a local community project
052) Volunteer to help tidy up local park/nature reserve
053) Do a physical challenge for charity (31/05/09)
054) Donate some unwanted items to charity
055) Donate money to five new causes (5/5) (Sep 2009)
056) Smile at ten random strangers in the street one day
057) Give ten complete strangers a compliment (10/10) (June 2009)

058) Give five people home-made cards for their birthdays (3/5 – sister, dad, mum, brother)
059) Teach Jazz a new trick
060) Send a thank you card (08/01/09)
061) Handwrite five people letters (0/5)
062) Bake someone a cake
063) Take my parents out for dinner
064) Organise a surprise for someone
065) Do agility training with one or both dogs

066) Get my tattoo done
067) Get a professional massage
068) Have a day at a Spa
069) Get a professional wax
070) Get a new pair of glasses (13/01/09)

071) Read prose by thirty authors whose work I’ve never read before (04/30)
072) Read ten new non-fiction books (01/10)
073) See 101 new films (087/101)
074) See all the Best Picture Oscar nominees (2009: 5/5) (2010: 08/10) (2011: 0/5)
075) Play chess with a human (02/05/09)
076) Spend 30x thirty minutes on improving French (00/30)

077) Attend a film festival
078) Go to a music festival (Africa Oye June 2009, but want to do full weekend festival)
079) Go to the theatre
080) Go to a classical concert
081) Shop at a farmers market
082) Visit a new museum (05/03/09)

083) Watch a sunrise
084) Watch a sunset (21/09/09)
085) Have a picnic (15/06/09)
086) Walk the dogs through the Black Woods (14/02/09)
087) Meditate properly
088) Go a for a walk in the pouring rain

089) Learn something new on the violin
090) Take 101 photographs in one day (26/04/09)
091) Plant something
092) Paint a picture (August 2009)
093) Make a short film
094) Play my uncle’s guitar
095) Do karaoke
096) Cook something new (Aug 2009 – risotto!)

097) Find out maternal g-g-grandmother’s surname
099) Write a letter to myself aged eighteen
100) Write a letter to myself aged thirty

101) Get a Room of My Own

2009 ADDITIONALS (Some probable ‘to do’s for 2009)
xxx) Get ears pierced
xxx) Go on holiday
xxx) Get a new walking coat and boots

Visit Day Zero for more info on the project and links to other people’s lists.


3 Responses to "THE LIST"

Cool cool cool! 🙂
Look forward to hearing about your reasons for some of these and your progress!

Hey there, best of luck with your list! I found you through the day zero website, I’m doing this challenge too x

Hi there, what a great list! My names Andrea, I found you via the day zero website, I’m doing 101 in 1001 too. Best of luck in achieving all your goals!! x

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